My thought about my current work

Hello everyone!
I'm J.
I lazed a few day's diaries recently, sorry....

BTW, I had a trouble about my work some time ago.
That is the atmosphere of my office and the unique man.

1. First, about the atmosphere:
Though I don't know you know what I am like, I think I'm very serious.Excuse I evaluated by myself.
But the atmospehre in my office is not speedy and there is not the motivation of them.
Those who work there don't have motivations of their works and often talk about vain themes except their works. Therefore, the achievements in my department are in deficit. I think the present achievements express the condition 5 to 10 years ago. So according to my theory, at least 5 years ago my office was also the same bad condition as now.
As one engineer, I hate the current condition, I usually think. Then, gradually I want to change the job or office.
Because I want to go to a high stage, and I cannot afford to connect them.
Finally the time I'll change my work is coming, I think.

2. And next, about the unique man.
Maybe I guess the theme is also leading to change my work though.
For the time being, he isn't serious and chooses the works of what to do. In short, he doesn't hate responsibilities.
And he has the themes of R&D with me. OMG.
Can you image like him? Actually is there like him near your place?
Certainly I know any manufacturing companies have unique engineers, but in my opinion he shouldn't be permitted to be like that; which he has no society or sense of working. I cannot allow him, but he is about 3 years older than I.

Well...., whichever 1 or 2, I want to be change the current condition in my work.
Though I devoted my work by learning a lot of fields, such as chemistry, physics, electronics and so on, by only trivial problem like this, lots of my efforts won't performance efficiently I guess.

I decide. So I'll move.
Thanks for reading, See u!

It's typhoon.

Good evening, everyone.
I'm J.

Immediately, I forgot to write an article yesterday, sorry.
Though I had a promise.

Today the typhoon is coming in Japan.
It passed in my region at noon.

More than it, there is the thing I have hated recently.
It's the high humidity.

Well... It's so humid that the surface of my skin cannot be easily dried.
So I feel uncomfortable.

Sorry, only my complaint.
It's over. See you.

Today's date

Good evening.
I'm J.

This season is hot, and today too.
I heard it is still in this rainy season.

BTW, I had a date with my girlfriend today.
It was fun. :)

At first, We met at the station at 16 PM.
And we went to watch the movie.
I think Yusuke Iseya is very cool. I wish to become like him.

After that, We had dinner at the pub.
Then, I'm drinking alcohol now While relaxing in front of PC at home.

That's all. Today's article is so short though.
See you tomorrow.

I'll have tried writing the English articles from today!

Hello, everyone.
I'm J.
It's a long time since I wrote last.

Suddenly, but ,as the title in the article, I'll have tried writing English articles on the blog from today.

You must think like these.
>Your English skill is so bad, you know?
>What was happened?
>Btw, Who are you?

Because, briefly, I wanna get the global skills and probably change my work.
So I use the blog for growing my skill....sorry.

However at all the readers, I guess, there are someone who feel the blog getting difficult and quit reading. ; _ (

Certainely, the article is difficult to read and it's not interesting.
So, I'll graduately modulate next articles. :)

I'll try the next conditions.
1. Sorry, I'll use a dictionary, but not use it as many as possible. For me the condition is to learn new English words.
2. I'll make an article. even if I'm tired, drinking much or busy on my job and so on.

And if those who master English is here, please tell me any mistakes.
Welcome your English advices too.
Thanks for reading my blog. See u tomorrow.





彼女出来たはいいのですが、その彼女、友達や趣味も多く、なかなか自分と会う予定がない とぬかしやがるのですww
まぁ、でもそこは俺も大人です。一応相手を思って 我慢 っと思っているのですが。。

・現状を簡単に言うと、俺はもっと会いたい、彼女は予定あって会えない って感じ


解答群: 数日、1週間、2週間、3週間、1カ月、1カ月以上

解答群: 毎日、週3、週1、月2、月1、それ以上

さぁ、どうでしょう??俺の感覚で答えると、Q1は2週間、Q2は週1 です。
Q1 3週間(予定では1カ月だったが、相手が危機感を感じたのか早まっただけ)

もう、このブログ上では 「めんどくさい男」 だの 「重い男」 と思われても結構ですww